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Cyanite is a daemon which provides services to store and retrieve timeseries data. It aims to be compatible with the Graphite eco-system.

Cyanite stores timeseries data in Apache Cassandra by default and focuses on the following aspects:

By relying on Apache Cassandra, Cyanite is able to provide highly available, elastic, and low-latency time-series storage.
The Graphite eco-system has become the de-facto standard for interacting with time-series data, either with graphite-web or with Grafana. Cyanite will strive to remain as integrated as possible with this eco-system and to provide simple interaction modes.

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Cyanite is Open-Source software, released under an MIT license and is available on github: The latest release is available at


The updated Cyanite is a work in progress. Please stay tuned for the first release.